International Physiotherapy Practice

Mission statement

All temporary or permanent international residents of Groningen have the right to receive physical therapy

Part of ECEZG

Physiotherapy Groningen is part of the centre of expertise primary care in Groningen, which contributes to the quality of Health Care in the sectors of Research, Treatment and Prevention for patients with complaints. The shift within Health Care from quantity to quality leads to a change of working methods. Quality is ensured through “state of the art” work, which is a core principle of the ECEZG.

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Physiotherapy is a form of therapy which is directed at problems within the neuro-musculoskeletal domain. This includes painful or difficult movements, as well as a painful or unpleasant posture. A physiotherapist uses their knowledge and skill to determine any problem. After determining the problem, the physiotherapist will choose possible treatments in collaboration with the patient. This could consist of exercises under supervision of the therapist, independent exercising or treatment by the therapist.

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Physiotherapy Groningen is located in the Oosterparkwijk, at Gorechtkade 2, inside the former Groene Kruis building. The building near of the UMCG. The entry faces towards the fountains of the pond, lateral to the supermarket at the Gorechtkade. Physiotherapy Groningen is on the first level of the building (take the stairs to your right in the entry hall), which houses several different Health Care institutions.

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Are you not sure whether your complaint is for physiotherapy? Contact us for free to decide if physiotherapy is the right course for your complaint. Our colleague Kenneth Bolhuis will ask you a few questions regarding the complaint and from there either book an appointment for you or guide you in the right direction. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to

Our Team

Lucy Carveth-Johnson

Physiotherapist – Second year student at Hanze university of applied sciences Groningen

Willem Langoor MSc.

Supervisor – Master Manual Therapist

Kenneth Bolhuis

Supervisor – Bachelor of Science

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